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Prior to install, each accessor or user will be required to undertake defensive training, so they are prepared when an active shooter is present.

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Prior to deployment, our team works with local first responders to ensure compatibility between our communication systems and defensive equipment.

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The A.S.R.S. system, is capable of plugging into other security systems, which allows current systems to be enhanced with our Active Aware technology.

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In the event of a active shooter, A.S.R.S. provides everything a trained an qualified person would need to deter, defend and detain threats.

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Fast Facts

12 Minutes

On average, mass shootings are finished 6 minutes faster than the average nations emergency response time.

1,875 Deaths

Over the past 5 years the United States has suffered through 1,875 deaths and 8,848 injuries due to mass shootings.

55% for Arming Teachers

In a recent poll of parents across the United States, 55% of parents sided with allowing certified teachers to carry guns in school.

64% Feel Unprepared

In a recent poll of teachers across the United States, 64% said their school was unprepared to deal with an active shooter.

Gun Safe

The A.S.R.S. gun safe is a state of the art steel enclosure, which is activated after two points of authorization have been met. After deployment, the safe automatically triggers communication between the opener and local authorities. The data sent will assist first responders in locating and removing threats from large bodies of people.

Each safe has met government criteria and has endured strenuous testing to ensure each safe deploys when needed and protects from tampering.

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Active Aware

Active Aware is the software, which enables the A.S.R.S. and connect the system with pre-existing security equipment. Additionally, the Active Aware system is continuously learning to ensure that when the A.S.R.S. is opened it is opened by authorized personal – who have completed the highest in training and certification.

Active aware allows each system to operate within a closed looped system. Yet, still maintain expected levels of programmatic communication outward.

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How A.S.R.S. works.


  • Firearm safety training
  • Defensive firearm training
  • Combat firearm training
  • Building Security Audits
  • Security Consolations
  • Security Installation


  • A.S.R.S. Safe
  • Security Link
  • Drop Safe
  • Active Aware

Our mission

Our mission is to give people the opportunity to defend themselves. The users of the A.S.R.S. system are typically the first targeted and need to be the first to respond. We do this by working with local and federal governments who will learn and train using our A.S.R.S. system.

Safety and security is our highest priority. Every detail during the engineering of the A.S.R.S. system is highly scrutinized and tested. Each year every system is re-certified to ensure proper deployment in the time of need.
temp The A.S.R.S. system is built with police in mind. Storage within the A.S.R.S. system is designed to carry the utilities and munition they themselves use. Learn More


Police are trained to discourage, detect and deactivate live threads to large bodies of individuals. When deployed, local and federal first responders have a national average response time of 18 minutes. However, the average mass shooting lasts 12.5 minutes and in that time 414 rounds can be fired before police have a chance to arrive. Leaving behind the gruesome cleanup and many wondering what else could have been done to prevent yet another tragedy.


During a mass shooting or in case of an active shooter the correct course of events is to run, escape and hide. However, in many cases, active shooters tend to choose specific locations and events that group and bottleneck people. Making escape and hiding near impossible. Leaving the only option to defend yourself and the people around you. When A.S.R.S. deploys the opener is given the means necessary to defend and detain. At the same time, alerting the local authorities of an active shooter.


The A.S.R.S. system can be placed anywhere a fire extinguisher could be installed. It can act as both a system and standalone system, allowing for a streamlined installation where required. The system was created to allow for a secure installation where firearms are typically prohibited, and access to them is required to be regulated. *Power required for full system functionality, cell and GPS data prohibited where restricted.

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